Global Landscape of Climate Finance

In this cross-functional collaboration, I established CPI’s reputation for excellence in data visualization and design by distilling complex finance data into clear messages for digital and print media.

From 2011 to 2017, I helped CPI distill complex and nuanced data about the international climate finance system into clear, audience-focused messages for interactive websites, social media, print, posters, presentations, and video. My toolkit included relational databases, MS Excel (pivots, vlookup) and Powerpoint storyboards, Adobe Illustrator and InDesign, and data visualization resources and UMD/Ben Shneiderman’s Treemap.

The Sankey diagrams I created established CPI’s reputation for excellence in data visualization and design, and every year The Global Landscape of Climate Finance has been CPI’s most downloaded report. I demonstrated to executives and analysts the benefits of and business case for effective visual communication design:

I collaborated cross-functionally with:
Researchers on data collection, editing, storage, and security;
Executive and communications teams on audience focus, messaging, presentations, pitching, and business development;
• Contract web developers on project scoping plans, contracting, review, delivery, data visualization, interaction, UI/UX, and information hierarchy;
• Organization decision-makers, reviewers, and external stakeholders to clarify datasets, provide QA/QC, and coordinate the publication and production schedule;
• One direct-report.