Scientific progress in a disappearing world…

Some words from one who said it best, Aldo Leopold (from The Sand County Almanac): There are men charged with the duty of examining the construction of the plants, animals, and soils which are the instruments of the great orchestra. These men are called professors. Each selects one instrument and spends his life taking itContinue reading “Scientific progress in a disappearing world…”

Carnegie Atmosphere Observatory: So precise, it can see your new haircut

Hema’ehu needs to come clean with this first: I work with/for these guys, and the principal investigator paid my salary (when I used to ask for pay – he is now holding my graduate degree just out of reach to get me to finish), and I’m hoping to get back on the payroll come June.Continue reading “Carnegie Atmosphere Observatory: So precise, it can see your new haircut”

Exploit Wind Not Coal

Do we really need coal electricity? Two Stanford researchers seem to think not. Apparently the winds are blowing, like, all the time, and modern turbines can capture that energy and turn it into electricity. Whoa. We’d only need about 200 square kilometers, maybe off in the ocean or South Dakota where the winds blow steadyContinue reading “Exploit Wind Not Coal”

Bio-diversity and Bio-fuels

It is remarkable that the debate over alternative, green energy resources has come so far. Ten years ago, corn ethanol was hardly known outside the world of futurist farmers and the halls of academia. Now, President Bush has voiced support for ethanol in the State of the Union address, challenging the nascent biofuels industry toContinue reading “Bio-diversity and Bio-fuels”